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Idea Lab: Care for Your Office Furniture – Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Care for Your Office Furniture – Cleaning Tips & Tricks


This is a brief overview for cleaning office chairs, office cubicles and other office furniture. Note that it is best to check tags on office furniture for cleaning tips and caution messages before you begin. Regular cleaning can help prolong your furniture and keep it looking fit for use.

  1. Vacuum on a regular basis to maintain clean furniture and panel fabrics found on office cubicles and divider panels. Remove and vacuum the cushions on all sides as well, including crevices and corners.
  2. Dry cleaning agents can help remove spots on fabric panels and upholstery. Remember to blot tough stains rather than rubbing them.
  3. Upholstery shampoo or a mild detergent is good to use on general dirt spots and smudges. Always ventilate your room when using any chemical cleaners.
  4. Use a sponge to clean off any water-based agents. Rinse the sponge well to keep clean. Always pretest any solutions you want to use on fabric by applying it to a small, unexposed area.
  5. Leather office chairs are a different story. Do not use cleaning solvents but rather a damp cloth and mild soap. If you are dealing with oil-based stains, blot with a dry cloth or sponge; let any excess oil absorb into the leather.
  6. Laminate surfaces should be cleaned often using non-silicone furniture polish or even Windex. Remember to ventilate the room or area before you begin.
  7. Got scratches or chips in your wood and wood laminate furniture? How about a touch-up? Master Caster makes filler sticks to cover and conceal with several different shades.

Cleaning and maintaining your office furniture has a positive effect on employees, clients and vendors, while helping to extend the use and your budget.


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