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Idea Lab: Create a Greener Office and Enhance Company Culture

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Create a Greener Office and Enhance Company Culture

Making your office more eco-friendly can begin with some simple steps that will benefit the environment and your company culture over time.  You can implement some recycling practices, purchase recycled goods and cut back on energy use to make a difference.


  1. Recycling paper and plastic: your first green practice could have a major impact over time. Although recycling paper in the office is common, many workplaces do not make this practice consistent throughout the company. Start by adding small or medium recycle cans at employees’ desks and cubicles. Set plastic and glass bottle recycle bins in key areas around the office, breakroom, warehouse and common areas. There are styles and colors to select that may blend in better with your existing office furniture; easy access ensures participation.


  1. Purchase goods with post-consumer content: Office chairs, paper, and pens are just a few of the items available. Choose pens that can be refilled for better sustainability.


  1. Reduce energy consumption by upgrading your printers and other outdated office equipment. Look for products that are Energy Star Qualified. You may also recycle your old printers and office equipment as a better environmental practice. Consider upgrading your lighting to significantly reduce electricity consumption and costs.


These practices, for a more sustainable office, can be implemented over time for larger purchases or put into practice quickly like paper and plastic recycling. There are many ways to create a greener office to build on your company values for a more sustainable environment.


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