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Wellness in the Office with Natural Lighting

A single workplace requires many elements to create wellness and innovation such as room decorations, office furniture and natural light. Natural lighting plays an important role in your well-being. Employees that do not have access to natural light on a daily basis may suffer from sleep disorders, low productivity and straining of the eyes. If your office has plenty of windows, you may want to consider arranging the layout to maximize access to natural light. Additional layouts that encourage natural light in the office are glass partitions, glass wall systems, open space, or selecting a room with more natural light as the breakroom.


Glass partitions and wall systems make great aesthetic impressions. First impressions with your customers or guests are important. The benefits of having glass office walls is that natural light can travel through the office easily. Not only do glass walls let light travel through the office easily, they give an elegant and clean look to the workplace. With glass walls or glass partitions, they are easy to maintain and clean. On the other hand, using glass partitions is another cost-effective method to give room for light to enter and still maintain a level of privacy.


In the case of limited windows, you may want to consider an open office design. An open office helps to improve communication and collaboration amongst the team. Employees are able to find one another with ease rather than hunt people down. With an open office design, it minimizes cost on equipment and office space. Natural light can enter easily instead of being blocked by office furniture. You may want to switch to shorter partitions or furniture to ones with less height.


Select specific spaces to reconfigure for natural light, such as a breakroom since this would be the place most employees frequent for mental and physical relaxation. Provide office furniture or seating that does not block natural lighting. With this, it encourages employees to recharge and boost productivity in the office.


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