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Don’t Fall! Simple Safety Tips for Today’s Workplace


Work related injuries due to falls are the most common injury in the workplace. Slips, trips and falls can be prevented by following some simple tips.

  1. Clutter around the office such as boxes, containers and stacks of paper in hallways and around office furniture reduces movement and creates tripping hazards. Utilizing office storage can free up space while keeping everyone organized. Power cords and cables stretched across aisles or other walkways should be covered with rugs or mats.
  2. Step stools and step ladders should always be used to reach objects in high places. Using a rolling office chair, standing on boxes or crates is a common reason for major injuries.
  3. Maintaining a constant line of sight and adequate lighting will prevent collisions around hallway corners and cubicle walls. Convex mirrors should be used as needed. Hallways and staircases should have proper lighting at all times.
  4. Keeping drawers closed on desks and file cabinets will eliminate possible tripping injuries and keep drawers from being damaged. Drawers that don’t stay closed should be fixed as well.
  5. Stacking heavy boxes and equipment can become a concern. Heavy items should be stacked lower to the floor. It is important not to exceed load capacity on shelves or any storage units. In California, this is also a safety concern regarding earthquakes.

Posting fall prevention posters is a great reminder to follow these basic guidelines and keep your workplace safe for employees and guests.


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