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National, a division of Kimball International was created over thirty years ago. Their mission is to produce and deliver quality office furniture at a better value and with shorter lead times within multiple spaces, such as commercial offices and school classrooms. Quality, reliability, safety, style, sustainability, productivity, and affordability are the priorities National builds into their product that are delivered into the market. National employees are well aware of their goals and work to achieve them through social and environmental awareness.

National Contract Number: #P10-004

Contract Term: March 31, 2016 (2021)

Payment Terms: Net 30

Product Available: All National products

Eligible Participants: K-12 school districts, charter schools, cities/municipalities, public schools, churches, counties, charitable organizations, state agencies, private schools, state colleges, and universities, private colleges and universities.

National mio desking 380x228
National fringe seating
30016 (NIPA), 30014 (Dupage)
37486 (NIPA), 37485 (Dupage)
30017 (NIPA), 30015 (Dupage)
Delivered Only Inside Delivery Delivered and Installed
$0-$99K: 55% off $0-$99K: 53% off $0-$99K: 52% off
$100K-$249,999: 55.5% off $100K-$249,999: 53.5% off $100K-$249,999: 52.5% off
$250K+: Negotiable $250K+: Negotiable $250K+: Negotiable


From concept to completion, we work with you to create your perfect space.

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