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Need to Make Your Office Space More Ergonomical?

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With the introduction to more technology in the workspace, people are spending much more time sitting in front of a computer screen working. Many people are spending 70% of their day sitting with little to no exercise. Some major issues that can come from sitting for so long are slower metabolism and higher cholesterol. The use of ergonomic office furniture is the solution to this predicament.


What is Ergonomic Office Furniture?


Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment, devices, and processes that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. Due to studies showing how prolonged periods of sitting can negatively affect one’s health, companies have developed office furniture to better the healthy and safety of employees. Just one example of ergonomic office furniture is desks that are height adjustable. These systems have a gliding mechanism that adjusts the height from a seated to a standing position. With a simple lift or push down from a small handle, the system will either lower or raise the desk. This sit-stand desk is ergonomic because it allows people to stand while working, burning calories as well as giving employees the ability to stretch and prevent back pain. The best part is that these desks can be designed for any purpose or style.


Why Incorporate Ergonomic Office Furniture into Your Office Space?


There are also cost benefits for an organization that embraces ergonomic furniture. Medical claims can be prevented due to employees practicing proper ergonomics at the workplace. Besides the health factors ergonomic furniture solves, it also improves employee productivity, enabling the organization to be more profitable. With the ability to constantly change working positions, employee attention boosts significantly.



Are You Ready to Jump on the Ergonomic Office Furniture Movement?


Are you ready to take the steps to a healthier and safer office space? Switching over to ergonomic office furniture improves employee’s work efficiency, metabolism and focus. Ergonomic office furniture is the go to furniture system that will best improve your work place. Ready to make the upgrade?



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