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Project Description

UEI College’s primary objectives are to impart specific knowledge and skills, to graduate each and every student who begins training, and to place them in their chosen fields. In order to achieve these objectives, the curriculum, the faculty and staff, and the facilities and learning environment become equally important.

With the long standing relationship OSBI has with UEI, OSBI was the go-to source for their new campus project. Taking over the old Carl’s Jr. Headquarters in Anaheim, UEI called on OSBI to create the most optimal learning space for their students.

From concept to completion, OSBI collaborated with architects, general contractors and controllers to ensure proper set-up for each space. With OSBI’s project management ability and multiple vendor sources, UEI’s classrooms, administrative offices, reception and student areas, medical and computer labs were installed and running within three days.

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Project Details

Date May 16, 2014 Categories Author lmadding
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