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employee engagement activities

10 Employee Engagement Activities That Won’t Cost You a Dime

If things at work are getting a little stale, there are a few things you can do to improve employee morale. When engaged with their jobs, your employees are more likely to do better, feel happier, and work more efficiently.

Engagement activities are important for both the employee and the company, so it just makes sense to find ways to engage with your employees.

Worried about the cost? These ten employee engagement activities won’t cost you anything!


Need to Minimize Office Chatter?

Open-plan workspaces famously abound in Silicon Valley, and according to some estimates, the rest of the United States is following suite, with up to 70 percent of American offices embracing the open office.

Open office floor plans are believed to increase teamwork and collaboration by reducing the number of walls and other barriers to communication.

However, they also carry with them the potential for distraction and excessive socialization among employees, and without appropriate accommodations, may be stressful for employees with different personalities.

With the right guidelines, a balance between privacy and openness can help achieve a maximally productive space.


Need to Accommodate Your Growing Team In Your Existing Workplace? 

The growth of a successful and thriving company is always an exciting time. One growth benefit is you can now add additional resources to your team. 

However, for newly hired employees in a workplace, space can be a challenge. You may not be ready from a financial and business perspective to move to a larger building. 

To help you prevent additional real estate costs, infrastructure costs or even disruption to your business, download this free guide to help you re-configure your existing space.


Need to Make Your Office More Functional? 

Designing an office environment is more than just picking out a paint color and a chair. Having a functional office is key to boosting productivity, organization and efficiency. 

Download this guide today to transform your office into an overall, thriving workplace.


Need to Boost Productivity in your Workplace?

Productivity is the “lifeblood” of the workplace, so you must work to ensure that your employees are performing up to scratch.

Some employers think that the way to do this is to be harsh and demanding, but this typically has the adverse reaction they’re looking for.

In truth, encouraging and inspiring your workers doesn’t have ot be difficult or stressful – it can be fun and rewarding!

The following tactics are actually guaranteed to instantly boost productivity as well as morale in the workplace.


Need to Organize Your Cubicle?

It’s been a hectic few weeks. With the holidays coming up, month-end sneaking up on you unexpectedly again, and picking up the slack for the co-worker who took yet another vacation, somehow your organization got a little out of control.

Of course, as luck would have it, the CEO walked passed your desk right when it was looking its worst. You’re not sure, but you think he took a double-take.

Don’t let your disorganized cubicle destroy your productivity. Implement these cubicle organization ideas and set yourself up for success.


Need to Reduce Office Noise?

A noisy office can lead to lower productivity which can increase stress and anxiety levels in workers that cannot concentrate with an abundance of noise floating around them.

Coworking spaces and open offices are the most vulnerable environments where office noise can create a major issue for your employees.

So what can you do to turn down the noise for those that need a more quiet environment to work and get things done? Before you go all out an buy fancy office noise reduction tolls and devices, give using these types of typical office furniture a shot.


Need a New Office Design and Layout?

As we enter the New Year, there’s no better time to resolve to increase employee happiness. While there’s no one0size0fits all approach for good office design and layout, several design principles can influence maximum employee happiness, while introducing pleasing aesthetics.

Though a new year might not mean a completely new office design, you can incorporate several design adjustments to achieve the same results. The ideal office space balances design with function, and collaborativity with privacy.

According to an internal survey of office workers, only 16% of workers agreed that their workplace allowed for high concentration, creativity, focus, and flexibility when choosing where to work.