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Idea Lab: 3 Ways Benching Can Benefit the Workplace

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3 Ways Benching Can Benefit the Workplace

Known as one of the latest workplace trends in office furniture, benching systems are becoming more and more popular in offices today. Different from a traditional office desk or a workstation, the objective of a benching system is to create more of an open-space layout that becomes highly functional for multiple employees. Let’s explore additional benefits in how a benching solution can add value for the workplace:

1. Establishing Connections

Some of the main benefits of a benching solution is that it creates a better connection between workers, enabling open idea exchange and increasing collaboration. Improving departmental interaction empowers effective communication across the board, which results into increased efficiency for the organization overall. For teams that are particularly in the creative and engineering fields, this open space environment helps encourage better involvement in projects as a close-knit team.

2. Saving Space and Therefore Cost

Some workplaces experience the challenge of limitations on space due to high rental costs. Space at an office is considered to be a premium factor within real estate. With its bench-like design, benching has no paneling or partitions that divides the workspace, allowing more people to make use of the area. The workspace suddenly becomes a flexible, open area with less constraints on getting the job done. Unlike cubicles or traditional workstations, you can fit more employees within a benching solution.

3. Increases Flexibility
Because most office workstation benches are designed as modular pieces, it can provide significant flexibility for your employees through growth or renovation periods. Oftentimes when companies are moving to a larger space, their existing office furniture will not work for their new building’s layout, causing the company to spend a significant amount of their moving budget towards entirely new office furniture. Office benching stations grow with the organization, so your workspace budget will be extended much longer than with traditional workstations.


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