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Essentials to Creating an Employee Breakroom Oasis

Do you want your employees to perform at their best? The answer is probably, “absolutely!”

Breakrooms become forgotten rooms of the company. They usually have a couch or two, a couple of tables with chairs, a refrigerator, a microwave, and maybe a TV. Maybe.

These breakrooms are generally pretty dull. They’re not living up to their full potential. One of the things potential employees look at is what sort of environment their lunch and break is going to be in.

There’s a reason why companies such as Google brag about their break rooms and work culture as a whole. It’s a fun place to work and even a fun place to relax. Google keeps their employees entertained and happy.

They don’t have to be the only companies that do this, however. You, too, can create an awesome space for your employees to unwind for a bit.

If you’re not sure how, here are some ideas to make your employee breakroom an inviting space to get away.

1. Change the Environment

When constructing your employee breakroom, consider painting the walls a different color and installing a different color of carpet (or flooring all together).

If you paint the walls a different color from the rest of your office, you’re creating a space in which your employees can temporarily unwind and destress. When this happens, your employees can go back to work feeling more energized.

2. Include Free Coffee

The world is full of coffee addicts. 

Some swear it’s what helps wake them up in the morning and gets them through the day. Give them some free coffee in the breakroom to keep your employees happy, motivated and productive.

For an added bonus, include free water bottles or water filter as well to keep your employees hydrated throughout their work day.


3. Have Some Games

Let’s be honest; we’re all children at heart. Who doesn’t love a rousing game of ping pong, foosball, or air hockey? It promotes fun (which promotes de-stressing) and allows your employees to engage with one another and bond. It can also help with building and maintaining team work! Really this is just an all around around good idea as games can help build a stronger team.

4. Have Comfortable Seating

A couple of couches and comfortable chairs at lunch tables are a must. No one really sits on stiff furniture and relaxes. It’ll make your employees feel good and like you care about them.

5. Have Great Lighting

If you can, incorporate natural light to spill into your breakroom. Natural light promotes happiness and overall feeling great for humans. If you can’t have natural lighting, try getting as close as you can and make sure the room is well lit.

6. Add Some Plants

Something about plants (even fake ones) adds a nice touch to a room. It makes the room feel more alive and gives the room a nice splash of green. Plants make rooms feel less dull and promotes happiness, health, and interaction with one another.

7. Do Have a Television

What do many people love to do when they get home from work? Get in front of the TV. Why not have that option in the employee breakroom? It can promote the same type of relaxing benefit as the TV at home does. Plus it will allow your employees to play a couple of rounds of video games, too, adding to the game factor.

8.Include A Bookshelf

You will probably have at least one employee that loves to read. Picking up a book (or even a magazine) is a great way to unwind as you are temporarily transported from your world into the world of the novel that you’re reading.

We hope you find these employee breakroom ideas beneficial. You don’t have to do ALL of these suggestions, but taking a couple of these ideas (we suggest 1, 4, and 6 at least) should transform your break room for sure, thus giving your employees a space to enjoy and reenergize so they can work to their fullest.