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Simple Ideas to Organize Your Cubicle for a Clutter-Free Life

It’s been a hectic few weeks. With the holidays coming up, month-end sneaking up on you unexpectedly again, and picking up the slack for the co-worker who took yet another vacation, somehow your organization got a little out of control.

And it shows.

Of course, as luck would have it, the CEO walked passed your desk right when it was looking its worst. You’re not sure, but you think he took a double-take. According to an Adecco study, 57% of employees judge a coworker based on the organized state of their desk.

Face it: it’s time for some cubicle organization ideas. Your desk and your productivity desperately need it.

Don’t let your disorganized cubicle destroy your productivity. Implement these cubicle organization ideas and set yourself up for success.

1. Implement a Two-Tray System

Keep it simple. An overcomplicated organizational system is just as bad as no system at all.

All you need are two trays.

Use one tray as an inbox. This tray is for new items; documents you haven’t reviewed yet.

Use the second tray as an in-progress box. This tray is for items you have reviewed but have not processed or completed. They still require your attention.

Label the trays accordingly so co-workers use the trays properly when you’re away from your cubicle and not there to explain your system.  The true test of an effective cubicle organization system is how well it works in your absence.

2. Ditch the Post-its

Post-its are great for a quick note to yourself. But more often than not, they’re nothing more than a gateway to a disorganized cubicle.

If you would potentially be in lukewarm water if you lost a Post-it note, that note shouldn’t be on a Post-it.  Instead, it should be notated systematically.


Go digital with your organization. Save the Post-its for when you need string-cheese. Everything else should be organized electronically.

Meetings, conference calls, outbound calls and emails, and general reminders should be notated on your Outlook or Google calendar.

3. Put Office Supplies Where They Belong

If you don’t organize your office supplies, all the cubicle organization ideas in the world won’t help you. Before you know it, highlighters will be spread across your desk, lidless pens will have rolled behind your keyboard, and paperclips will be hidden under staplers and tape dispensers.

If office supplies make your cubicle appear messy and unorganized, you’ll feel unorganized and soon, you’ll become unorganized.

Place highlighters and pens separately, in two labeled containers. You can even use mason jars to organize these items.

Place all other loose items, paper clips, staples, push-pins, and the like in drawer dividers and place the dividers in your desk drawer, out of site but easily accessible.


4. Start an End of the Day De-Clutter Tradition

Nothing feels better than sitting at your desk first thing in the morning with a clean slate. That clean slate being a clean and neatly organized desk.

Taking five minutes at the end of your day to put supplies in their designated areas will ensure you to feel refreshed and motivated in the morning.

Clean your coffee cup at the of day. Put all the unused papers in the recycling bin. Most importantly, clear the floor of any personal items that may be left behind.

Having a proper place for all your items will keep your desk looking spotless and ensure you’ll not only get organized but stay organized.

Once you implement these simple strategies, you’ll notice a huge boost in your productivity. You’ll also notice that you haven’t felt stressed out for a while either, not since you got your cubicle in order.

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