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Idea Lab: Office Furniture for a Growing Team

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5 Ways to Stay to Fit a Growing Team

The growth of a successful and thriving company is always an exciting time. One growth benefit is that now you can add additional resources to your team. However, for newly hired employees in a workplace, space can be a challenge. You may not be ready from a financial and business perspective to move to a larger building. With a growing workforce, you’ll inevitably find that meeting rooms will often be in short supply and comfortable individual spaces will become tight. To help you prevent additional real estate costs, infrastructure costs or even disruption to your business, here are some tips to help you re-configure your existing space:

1. Embrace Mobilization

Allow your employees to become mobile, which means spending less time at a particular desk. With the support of mobile technology, employees can easily collaborate in alternative meeting spaces, such as formal or informal meeting areas, outside patios and even breakrooms. Moreover, employees often prefer to move to different areas throughout the day, where they can obtain privacy if needed, or occupy an individual workstation to focus on critical tasks.

2. Consider “Hoteling” Workstations

We know that not all employees share the exact, same work schedule. The concept of shared workstations — also called “hoteling” — had been implemented organizations who have a travel-heavy workforce. Hoteling allows organization to reduce real estate overheard by allocating specific workspaces more efficiently. Along with technological advances, which include wireless connectivity it makes for a flexible workspace that much easier. Further, it also decrease energy consumption and cuts down on phone, furniture, IT and other resources that are utilized for permanent stations.

3. Be Open to an Open Space

Another way to maximize space is to consider an open space layout. As you may know, an open space office is one in which the workplace design maximizes the use of large open spaces and minimizes the use of small enclosed rooms. However, not everyone prefers an open space layout. For those employees who prefer a quiet space in order to better focus, reserve some space in your floorplan for these specific types of workspaces. For those employees who prefer the open floorplan, there will be times where they too, will require a quiet space to concentrate on critical projects or private collaboration. Advocates of an open space floorplan see enhanced opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, greater sharing of information, increased production, and lower corporate costs.

4. Downsize Existing Spaces

Your existing workspaces and privates offices may be overkill for what you are actually needing. Once you assess how many more team members need to be added, you can consult with an office furniture space designer to see how you can reconfigure or recreate new workstations that are smaller, yet comfortable. Reconfiguration can be another opportunity to make your workspaces more modular, where specific types of pieces are designed so that they can easily adjust to meet the changing dynamics of your office landscape.

5. Invite Your Employees to the Process

To assess employee workspace needs, you can work with an office furniture space design to conduct employee interviews, surveys, and observations. By conducting these meetings, you can hear directly from the employee on what their desires are for an optimal workspace. Another benefit is that it provides a holistic perspective of how your workplace functions overall.


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