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Idea Lab: Reduce Office Noise

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Clever Ways to Use Office Furniture to Reduce Office Noise

A noisy office can lead to increased stress and anxiety levels in workers that cannot concentrate with an abundance of noise floating around them.

Coworking spaces and open offices are the most vulnerable environments where office noise can create a major issue for your employees.

So what can you do to turn down the noise for those that need a quiet environment to work and get things done? Before you go all out an buy fancy office noise reduction tools and devices, give using these types of typical office furniture a shot:

1. Plants

We as humans are biophiliacs. At least, that’s the theory, anyway. So that means plants have amazing benefits on humans and would have amazing benefits in an office setting. They can make people:

  • – Healthier
  • – Less stressed
  • – Improve productivity
  • – Improve air quality
  • – Reduce noise

Yes, you read correctly. Plants can reduce noise! Used in noisy spaces, such as in rooms with wooden floors, marble floors, tile, etc. can help absorb the noise that is produced as a byproduct of these types of designs for your office. Having plants in the office has all sorts of benefits and you should get some ASAP.

2. Fans

Well, use motorized fans. A motorized fan can aid in office noise reduction in that fans can create white noise.

White noise is a continuous sound that provides through a spectrum of frequencies. It is not musical and does not include vocal sound. It doesn’t have to be loud or intrusive – just enough to mask the noise of others. With a white noise machine, you reduce noise that may be around you as well as lower anxiety!

Talk about killing two birds with one stone to make the workplace more pleasant and productive for everyone.


3. Dividers

There are large desks that can be divided into threes or fours with the use of wall dividers. They don’t have to be miles high to the sky – they just have to be high enough to reduce the noise of those around you. Something like our Endorse Spread may be just what you’re looking for. High enough to cut out some sound, but low enough that co-workers can talk to one another.

As an alternative, you could also use this kind of divider in your office space. It provides a wall that can be moved as well as block out noise.

4. Booth Seats

Our National | Fringe is an excellent choice for those that are looking to have a cozy meeting with a teammate to get things done. It can also serve as break room seating. The high panels surrounding the couch is wonderful in reducing noise. The high panels serve the same function as dividers – privacy and noise reduction.

Plus, with our National | Fringe, you have rather attractive seating as well. It’s ok to indulge and look good while providing comfort with reduced noise.

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