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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office Lighting?

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The amount of light in an office can have a huge impact. Most rooms have fluorescent lights installed, but those are very one-toned and do not shed as much light as most offices need. Fluorescent lights can also be harmful to employees because they are filled with mercury, which can be ingested or inhaled if not handled correctly. A solution to these problems is by simply upgrading your office with LED lights.


LED lights have many upsides to them. They have the ability to dim or brighten, have a richer and fuller light quality and can better direct light where needed. LED lights also do not over heat like most fluorescent lights tend to do. LED lights are 45% more efficient and last 10 times longer than traditional fluorescent lights. These new light systems also allow employees to be more productive. The natural light LEDs can offer helps keep employees awake and alert.


With the versatility of LED light bulbs, furniture manufacturers are designing more innovative ways they can be incorporated throughout the office. These manufactures are integrating these new and improved light systems into workstations, desks and hutches. Anywhere an employee would want or need a light, there is a now a safe way to put it there.


LED lights are more capable and functional compared to fluorescent lights. They have a significantly longer life span and are more efficient. Are you ready to install or replace your current lighting system with cost-efficient LED lights?



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