Millennials are adapting our corporate culture.

Millennial employees are often drawn to organizations that offer an engaging atmosphere, comfortably balancing work and life. They want to work in open, creative settings and often feel constrained by what they see as outdated workspaces and traditional practices*.

A millennial-friendly office environment is one that’s digital, flexible and inviting. Convenient details like wired workstations and tables, relaxed lounge spaces with cozy, colorful seating and versatile, collaborative work areas for casual meetings can make all the difference when it comes to attracting younger employees.

Today, millennials make up 32% of the labor market, growing to over 50% of the global market by 2020.

Within five years, Millennials will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workplace making them the key employee demographic for many modern companies.  Our workplaces & spaces are being shaped around the functional and cultural requirements of this generation.

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