Furniture Spotlight: HON Flock

Collaborative Seating in the Office with HON


As we talked about informal collaborative space in our previous article here, the HON Flock is suitable as a collaborative seating solution for your workplace. Good collaborative furniture is flexible yet functional. The HON flock series can help your team connect in comfort.


Introducing the HON Flock

Where comfort goes, people flock. More millennials and technology are part of the workforce today. Collaborative seating provides an environment similar to a café, lounge or coffee bar to help employees relax. This allows individuals to find comfort as they work. The HON Flock series is a great example of collaborative office furniture. The combination of seating, tables and additional products help people connect to create a productive environment.

The Flock invites movement, supports a comfortable posture, improves natural light flow, allows flexibility in parts to the changing needs of the office and gives a change of style to the workplace.  There is freedom of choice in choosing how you want your workplace to look like.

There are various types of Flock collaborative seating solutions. As work needs change throughout the day, this type of office furniture is flexible and mobile. In addition, the Flock series provides an option to charge up wherever, whenever with a discrete outlet as part of the furniture design. The HON Flock is a collaborative seating solution that brings great ideas to life.

The Flock series include these types of furniture options:

  • Square Lounge Chair
  • Round Lounge Chair
  • Lounge Guest Chair
  • Modular Chair
  • Casual Guest Chair
  • 4-Leg Stool
  • Ottoman Wedge
  • Square Mini
  • Modular Left End
  • Modular Right End
  • Square Ottoman
  • Round Mini
  • Stools & Multi-Purpose Chairs

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