Exploring Macro and Micro Office Trends for 2018

Having an office space that functions and enhances performance of those in the workplace is essential to improving productivity. Each year, office design trends evolve. Design plays an important part in keeping individuals happier, healthier and excited for work each day. The evolving setting of the workplace may require innovative ideas which lead to macro and micro office trends with office furniture.

Here are macro office trends we are seeing rise in popularity today:

  1. The Unconventional Work Area

With influence from the millennials that have a preference for open spaces and collaborative work environments, the unconventional work area is similar to a living room. This type of area has a feel comparable to your home environment. Imagine a meditation space, bean bags, sofas, plants, flexible office furniture and room for activities, making the workplace flourish with creative, collaborative synergy.

  1. Dynamic Spaces

The dynamic space trend has been on the rise these past couple of years. As office design trends continuously change, flexible office furniture is more in demand. Dynamic spaces are defined by movable furniture with wheels and movable wall dividers used in open space environments.

  1. The Biophilic Design

Spearheaded by the idea of wellness in the office, another macro office trend is biophilic design. Biophilic office design is another innovative way of designing the workplace and office furniture with a touch of nature. It is widely known that plants in the workplace can benefit mood and cognitive performance. Applying the biophilic design in the office features acoustic harmony of natural or living art such as vine-like plants, green walls, trees, ponds or wet walls.

On the other hand compared to macro office trends, micro office trends are leaning more towards the concept of going green.

  1. Green Dividers

Since cubicle walls are being used less and less in favor of open office spaces, using green dividers are great ways to go green. Green dividers can also reduce noise, divide rooms and give a sense of privacy without changing the overall feel of the office space drastically.

  1. Terrariums

There is a rising micro office trend of including terrariums in office spaces. Succulent terrariums are especially popular because of its easy and hassle-free maintenance. They are also a decorative piece, enhancing the office look and feel without the expensive cost of other types of decor without changing office furniture significantly.

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