Positive Office Impressions Start with Your Lobby

Making a good first impression for guests is so important for your business. That first impression starts with your lobby.

1.   Careful office furniture planning for your executive offices, conference areas and other workspaces should extend to your lobby as well. Comfortable lounge furniture with well spaced seating provides a welcome experience for customers, guests and potential employees. Including modern office furniture with power and USB access can show that your company culture is current, forward-thinking and receptive to its guests, while setting the right expectations.

2.   Guests having to wait in your lobby should have a high level of hospitality to make them comfortable. Wi-Fi access and a television, that doesn’t compete with your lobby music, might help guests having to wait for an extended time. Include magazines and other informational collateral for reading and updating guests on your company’s services, projects and community participation. End tables are a good place to keep magazines for easy access. Provide corner tables to use as computer tables with easy power and USB access.

3.   Place your logo on a wall to establish your brand and building. To further set the tone try incorporating highlights using corporate colors. Depending on the type of business you might use warm or soothing colors and textures for a more relaxed setting.

4.   Offering guests access to a water cooler, coffee and tea is another way to make them more comfortable and shows a level of caring.

5.   The reception desk should be easy for guests to access. Placing it in the center or on first site of the entry will help establish the connection. The desk makes a strong statement so the quality and placement help to establish hospitality as well as atmosphere.

6.   Routine cleaning and upkeep may need to occur several times a day depending on the foot traffic. A clean organized lobby goes a long way with first impressions.

Make a great first impression by creating the right guest experience in your lobby and setting high expectations for all of your guests and employees.

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