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HON Ignition 2.0 – The Sit That Fits


Furniture Spotlight: Ignition 2.0 The Sit That Fits   With the Ignition 2.0 it does not matter who you are, how you work or where you work. The Ignition seating fits all. It is brilliantly designed to support your body and stretch your mind. The Ignition supports every body type and conforms to your work style. With this seating, the price is affordable and brings customizable comfort making the Ignition collection a fitting solution.   Introducing the Ignition 2.0 The beauty of the Ignition collection is that it is an all-in-one solution where it allows you to mix and match [...]

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HON Flock – Get Your Lounge On


Furniture Spotlight: HON Flock Collaborative Seating in the Office with HON   As we talked about informal collaborative space in our previous article here, the HON Flock is suitable as a collaborative seating solution for your workplace. Good collaborative furniture is flexible yet functional. The HON flock series can help your team connect in comfort.   Introducing the HON Flock Where comfort goes, people flock. More millennials and technology are part of the workforce today. Collaborative seating provides an environment similar to a café, lounge or coffee bar to help employees relax. This allows individuals to find comfort as they [...]

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Informal Collaborative Spaces Are IT


Experience the Benefits of an Informal Collaborative Space Collaborative spaces bring great ideas to life. In today’s workplace, many companies try to integrate more collaborative office furniture. Workspaces are increasingly all about communication, collaboration and flexibility. Good collaborative furniture is flexible yet functional. With informal collaborative spaces, it allows individuals to find comfort as they work. There are many benefits to creating an informal collaborative space in the office such as: Space for Non-Confidential Meetings Not all meetings have to be formal. Shorter meetings can be held in a more comfortable area. With an informal collaborative space, it ensures larger [...]

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4 Ways to Design a Minimalist Workspace


4 Ways to Design a Minimalist Workspace A minimalist workspace is a subtle way to reduce clutter in the office, but still retain functionality. It creates an environment that supports clear thinking and gives a less stressful atmosphere for workplace employees. By introducing storage, opening up space with specific office furniture, organizing wires and using ambient lighting can transform the office into a minimalist workspace. Keep Only the Essentials It can be difficult to keep organization at bay, but keeping only what you need may help in maintaining a minimal office space. Encourage a clutter-free desk culture by providing storage areas [...]

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Office Trends for 2018


Exploring Macro and Micro Office Trends for 2018 Having an office space that functions and enhances performance of those in the workplace is essential to improving productivity. Each year, office design trends evolve. Design plays an important part in keeping individuals happier, healthier and excited for work each day. The evolving setting of the workplace may require innovative ideas which lead to macro and micro office trends with office furniture. Here are macro office trends we are seeing rise in popularity today: The Unconventional Work Area With influence from the millennials that have a preference for open spaces and collaborative [...]

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Positive Office Impressions Start with Your Lobby


Positive Office Impressions Start with Your Lobby Making a good first impression for guests is so important for your business. That first impression starts with your lobby. 1.   Careful office furniture planning for your executive offices, conference areas and other workspaces should extend to your lobby as well. Comfortable lounge furniture with well spaced seating provides a welcome experience for customers, guests and potential employees. Including modern office furniture with power and USB access can show that your company culture is current, forward-thinking and receptive to its guests, while setting the right expectations. 2.   Guests having to wait in your [...]

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6 Tips for a Better Breakroom


6 Tips for a Better Breakroom The company breakroom should be an incredibly important part of the office environment. If you want your team to be productive and satisfied during the work day, they need a place away from their desk or cubicle to take occasional breaks and relax. Here are 6 tips that can help you create the best possible breakroom for your office. Provide Caffeine, Water and Snacks No breakroom is complete without a coffee machine such as a Keurig single serve brewer. To go a step beyond, create a breakroom your employees will really love by adding [...]

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Looking for a great furniture project manager?


Looking for a great furniture project manager? When looking for a furniture project manager, keep in mind a person’s experience, expertise, time and team management skills. These are vital to any furniture and space planning projects for your office.  Furniture Project Manager may not be the actual title of the person you work with, but it is probably a good description. Do you use someone on the inside or go with a trusted space planning team? As you plan your next office furniture upgrade, consider these factors: Work project history – Ask about past projects similar to yours. Ask to [...]

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Wellness @ Work


It seems like everyone is trying to be healthier these days—and that means businesses should be too. Increasing awareness of physical and mental workplace well-being and its affect on employee happiness and productivity has led to many improvements in the ways that companies plan their workspaces and office culture. HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN Ergonomic office seating is engineered to work with the human body to provide comfortable support and healthy posture. Height- and width-adjustable arms, cushioned seat and lumbar support are all important features to look for when choosing a chair*. Other active office furniture solutions like sit-to-stand desks and perch stools allow [...]

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Make Way For Millennials


Millennials are adapting our corporate culture. Millennial employees are often drawn to organizations that offer an engaging atmosphere, comfortably balancing work and life. They want to work in open, creative settings and often feel constrained by what they see as outdated workspaces and traditional practices*. A millennial-friendly office environment is one that’s digital, flexible and inviting. Convenient details like wired workstations and tables, relaxed lounge spaces with cozy, colorful seating and versatile, collaborative work areas for casual meetings can make all the difference when it comes to attracting younger employees. Today, millennials make up 32% of the labor market, growing [...]

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